AIRMATE - smartphone and tablet holders for travelers

Watch movies hands-free on the go when using AIRMATE Mobile and AIRMATE Tablet

Smartphone holder for travelers


No more sore neck or fatigued arms from holding your smartphone or tablet in your hands during traveling

Tablet holder designed for Travelers

AIRMATE for business

Get your own AIRMATE and make your or your customers brand stand out from the crowd.
The products are designed and produced in materials which enable the product to be customised to fit just about any brand. AIRMATE will given its uniqueness make your or your customer ́s brand stand out anywhere and attrack attention. The products have proved to be an icebreaker, initiating conversations when used.

About us

Get a small introduction to Simplifiers and our products ( 2 minutes introduction video, linking to youtube).

At Simplifiers, it is our vision to make products that give the consumer a better user experience regardless of whether it is with the creation of a new product or a revision of an already existing product/solution on the market. Both as individuals and as a company, we focus on the environment and circular economy, therefore the beacon for the development of our products is also simplicity. Read more about us here.