For all of us using our tablet / iPad when traveling

AIRMATE Tablet, new travel accessory to you who wants to be entertained on your tablet while flyiing.

AIRMATE Tablet is your new travel gadget for the travel bag

Designed for all us who travels and wants to be entertained on our device on the go. When using AIRMATE Tablet you can just sit back and relax in your body while enjoying your favorite series or movie on your tablet / IPAD or be playing on your Nintendo Switch hands-free.

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    Designed for flexible use

    AIRMATE Mobile is designed in a way that secures great user experience and multiple usage possibilities when traveling or at home.

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    Experience quality

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  • Click AIRMATE onto the tray table lock

    Click AIRMATE onto the tray table lock

    AIRMATE Mobile can given its unique functionality be clicked directly onto the tray table lock onboard most airplanes.

  • Hang AIRMATE on the top of the tray table

    New "table hook" expands the usage possibilities

    The new table hook enables use on a wider array of tray tables onboard airplanes but it also expands the usage possibilities to a wide range of busses, ferries and trains as well.

  • Use AIRMATE on the table

    On the table at home or away

    AIRMATE Mobile is designed to be used on any flat surface, which makes it suitable for use in many different situations, on the go, at work or at home.

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