AIRMATE Tablet is your new travel gadget for the travel bag

Designed for all us who travels and wants to be entertained on our device on the go. When using AIRMATE Tablet you can just sit back and relax in your body while enjoying your favorite series or movie on your tablet / IPAD or be playing on your Nintendo Switch hands-free.

Click AIRMATE onto the tray table lock

AIRMATE Tablet can given its unique functionality be clicked directly onto the tray table lock onboard most airplanes.



New "table hook" expands the usage possibilities

The new table hook enables use on a wider array of tray tables onboard airplanes but it also expands the usage possibilities to a wide range of busses, ferries and trains as well.



On the table at home or away

AIRMATE Tablet is designed to be used on any flat surface, which makes it suitable for use in many different situations, on the go, at work or at home.

The vision for developing

With AIRMATE Tablet we wanted to create a unique tablet holder to fit various tablet sizes and extensive usage possibilities. This was a challenge as we also wanted a simplistic design and a pocket friendly size.
The outcome was AIRMATE Tablet, an easy to carry foldable tablet holder, which can be locked in two different positions making it suitable for both mini tablets and normal sized tablets up to 11 inches + Nintendo Switch in horisontal position.
It has the same usage functionalities as AIRMATE Mobile and can be mounted directly onto the tray table lock of the airplane, be attached on the top of the back of the tray table using the small hook or be used as a normal table stand. AIRMATE Tablet is Eco friendly only containing 2 types of material, !00% recycled plastic from EU and a natural, allergy friendly rubberband, making it easy to recycle.

Fits up to 7 & 11 inches
IPAD / Tablets / Nintendo Switch in horizontal position

Simplistic and Eco friendly in its design, produced in 100% recycled plastic, locally in Denmark

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SUMMER VACATION in week 28-31!

Due to Summer vacation the shop is closed for deliveries in the week 28-31. You can still place an order and we will look forward to ship it to you in week 32.
Have a great Summer. :-)