Introducing AIRMATE Tablet - a new innovative holder for your Ipad, Tablet or Nintendo Switch

Smartphone holder designed for use on airplanes.


The new travel gadget for your travel bag. Sit back and relax while being entertained on your smartphone.

AIRMATE Mobile is the first smartphone holder that given its unique functionality can be placed directly onto the lock of the flight seat table in front of you. The holder is designed for flexible use on all flat surfaces - at home or away and can be adjusted in several different angles.

The story behind - it all started with…

That we ourselves were tired of sitting with our smartphones in our hands when we wanted to watch movies and tv shows on the flight, and thought that others must feel the same. See more in the video and read more about us here.


User feedback

  • The mobile holder has been received and put into use. Definitely a winner!
    AIRMATE Mobile customer
  • And it works perfectly! have just returned from a flight where it passed the test with flying colors
    AIRMATE Mobile customer
  • It has been on a trip to the Faroe Islands, and it is clearly thumbs up
    AIRMATE Mobile customer
  • “Finally a mount that works perfectly
    AIRMATE Mobile customer
  • “More than 25 flights on 4 continents the 'dimsen' continues to provide a perfect fit. Combined with offline Netflix and a good pair of headphones this clever piece of plastic is a lifesaver for the frequent flyer.”
    Morten R, dimsen devotee since 2018
    AIRMATE Mobile customer