About Simplifiers

At Simplifiers, it is our vision to make products that give the consumer a better user experience regardless of whether it is with the creation of a new product or a revision of an already existing product/solution on the market. Both as individuals and as a company, we focus on the environment and circular economy, therefore the beacon for the development of our products is also simplicity.

The aim of our first product was to create a product that increases the user experience of the air travelers when using their smartphones for entertainment on the flight. In connection with the product development, the market for mobile phone holders was scanned for inspiration. One of the experiences we were left with was that other mobile holders eg. for cars most often were made of 4-6 different materials and constructed quite complicated with gears and springs. A complexity that often caused a small part to break down and the product would become unusable, resulting in a negative user experience. At the same time, the complexity for us was unsustainable as the products, due to the many different materials, would be demanding to recycle. The conclusion therefore was that we had to solve it in a more simple way. It also became clear to us that "simple" should be our beacon in the development. Simple for the consumer to use, simple to carry, simply in its expression and not just a product for enthusiasts only and last but not least so simple in its choice of materials that it could easily be included in a circular resource economy.

79 different versions and many test flights later we ended up with the end product, the smartphone holder AIRMATE Mobile, where we have managed to reduce the number of different materials down to 2 and have chosen to keep production locally in DK. The product hit the market in August 2018 and has been very well received by both individuals and companies and we are proud to know that as of now there is +10.000 AIRMATE Mobile flying around the international airspace.

AIRMATE Mobile ECO, March 2019
Since the initial product launch, we have been working on an even more environmentally friendly version of the AIRMATE Mobile and the aim of creating a 100% sustainable product. Today we have taken a big step in that direction and we are proud to present the edition "AIRMATE Mobile ECO", produced in 100% recycled plastic but with the same quality and functionality. The product is available in dark gray and is available for both individuals and companies.